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The Cigar of the Week changes every Monday, so if this week's doesn't tickle your taste buds, next week's could be a favorite! Don't forget to check! We also list it on our Facebook page.

Did you know...

One staff member has an insane talent of finding almost any cigar you seek--even the ones "no one can get."  Feeling desperate for a favorite stick? Come by and we'll see what we (she) can do!


We can order any cigar for you, so you don't have to bother with the ginormous box conglomerates. We always offer 10% off boxes of 20+ and New Hampshire has nary a tobacco or sales tax, so we have no ridiculous state-mandated markups!

Have a lighter that vexes you?

We have a Lighter Whisperer on staff! Bring in your ailing butane lighter and we may be able to breathe some life back into it (probably by taking the air out of it)!

Cigar of the Week! Purchase Three and receive one free!

Two of our favorite friends' cigar brands...or two of our favorite cigar brands by friends.

Cigars: NOthing but the best for you

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