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Oh, the questions we get most...

When are you getting Cubans?

We have a few answers for this, depending on our moods:

1. The only great thing about "Cubans" are their reputation. Most of those "Cubans" your buddy brings back from the cruise with his wife are not authentic, factory-made, worthy-of-your-time cigars. Unless you purchased the cigar at any one of many La Casa del Habanos, or you've checked the validity of the serial number at Habanos.com to positive results, assume they are not made with premium tobacco. So what's in them? Any one of a million things; think of these fakes as the hot dogs of the cigar world. Oh, and if it comes with a glass top, the answer is FAKE. No need to even ask on that Facebook group.

2. 98% of what's in the humidor is Cuban Seed, grown in different soil, so if you're looking for seed purity, you probably already have those Cuban roots.

3. Authentic Cuban cigars generally lack consistency. The first from the box could be the best damn smoke ever.  The second could be rolled so tight, you need to send a missile through in order to make it slightly smokable.

4. Now that travel has opened up in Cuba AND travellers are permitted to bring back cigars from other countries, the "I'm smoking a Cuban cigar" cache has faded. No one cares. Most folks are more impressed by an Anniversary-series Padron or Opus X, so if you're looking to make folks jealous, we suggest heading in that direction.

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