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​​​Cigar Shenanigans, Cigar & Cocktail Lounge


~ 1903 WHITE MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY ~ NORTH CONWAY, NH 03860 ~ 603.307.1036


This little nook within the alcove is one of our favorite places. We already have friends calling "Dibs!" on the space, but you'll have to move us out first.

The space also features an aromatic cedar closet to keep your coat smoke-free!

The Humidor

What's in the box?

Oh, just some amazing premium cigars that will set your heart aflutter. No big deal.

Also, in order to get in, the time must be perfect, perhaps even one day every hundred years, a la Brigadoon. Or you could go around the corner and use the door.

And that is not a regular dog. That's our former General Manager, Remington. (For those in the know, Remi recently retired but did train a new replacement...Winston.)


Oh, it's about a million  feet long, give or take. Hang out with friends or our awesome bartenders and partake of our rich selection of high-end liquors and premium cigars.

About Cigar Shenanigans

With 3,500 square feet of cigar lounge, we have plenty of room for activities!



Hang with  friends at one of our hightops overlooking White Mountain Highway and the White Mountains beyond that.  When it rains, the name will become clear.

The Fireplace room

We've also referred to it as The Library, The Quiet Room, and The Sanctuary. Once you're in there, it's nearly impossible to leave. (We can recommend some food delivery places so you don't die of starvation while enjoying the ultimate peace.)

The Boy Dance Party Room

Okay, it's an odd name and we know it, but the reference is here. Check it out!

This cozy main room (and you're only seeing part of it here) is perfect for gathering with other cool kids.

On most weekends, we'll literally roll up the rugs and push back the furniture.  Both boys and girls are welcome to dance. Band schedule is here.

Check out this most excellent video from our friend Sam Higgins.